Cancellation Policy

The following applies after that you’ve registered and paid for the intensive course. 

  • Cancellations up to 5 weeks before the starting date lead to a 90% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations up to 3 weeks before the starting date lead to a 60% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations up to 1 week before the starting date lead to a 30% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations made within 6 or fewer days before the starting date lead to no reimbursement.

There are plenty of interesting options for our accommodation. It will most likely be a countryside house near Tavira.

I haven't booked it yet because I want to get a better idea of the group's composition (how many couples/singles) and your preferences before I do so. That will for instance help me understand how big a house we might need.

I look forward to soon talking to you about this and much more. Até breve, p

Where are you at? (1 Beginner–10 Fluent)
Short Reads for Language Learners of Portuguese

Let Stories Lift Your Portuguese to Another Level

We learn best with compelling materials that we can easily make sense of and relate to – that’s why learning Portuguese through stories is so powerful!

Portuguese Short Story for Beginners Sample - Portuguesepedia
Where are you at? (1 Beginner–10 Fluent)

With audio/voice-over


Text only

Stories Especially Written for Portuguese Language Learners

The Power of Stories in a Nutshell

  • Because they bring you a sense of pleasure and fulfillment, stories will keep you motivated and asking for more. Ultimately, this translates into a vast exposure to your target language.
  • Stories not only improve your reading comprehension but also your idiomatic feel for Portuguese.
  • When audio is available (as is the case with ours), stories help you improve your listening skills as well as pronunciation.
  • Stories help you assimilate the syntactic structures present in Portuguese. Put it another way, you learn grammar organically without having to study it.
  • Stories help you increase your vocabulary. It is a well-established fact that word retention rates are significantly higher when we learn new words in context.