Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Uma Segunda Oportunidade - by Portuguesepedia
André is bitterly disappointed with his life. One day he is given the opportunity to time-travel. He starts tweaking his past hoping to change the things he regrets and somehow relieve his frustration. Will it work though?
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Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Conversa Fiada - by Portuguesepedia
Conversa Fiada is a series of small-talk chatbooks stuffed with colloquial Portuguese. In this first number, idioms making reference to body parts (like "in the blink of an eye" or "a big mouth") take center stage and name each of its 16 chats.
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Easy Reads for Portuguese Language Learners - Zen Stories - by Portuguesepedia
A compilation of 50 traditional Zen parables adapted for language learners of Portuguese. You will learn and enjoy Buddhist wisdom while improving your Portuguese language skills.
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