Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Conversa Fiada - by Portuguesepedia

Conversa Fiada comprises 16 small-talk chats stuffed with colloquial Portuguese and idioms.

✪ Suitable for the intermediate-level (B1-B2) | European Standard

Let these colloquial chats lift your idiomatic feel for Portuguese to another level.

  • 4.000 words long
  • Voice-over
  • English translation
  • Idiomatic highlights
  • Comprehension quizzes
  • Easy navigation
  • Access across all devices
  • pdf and epub files

  • improves your reading and listening comprehension
  • expands your vocabulary and idiomatic feel for Portuguese
  • allows you to work on your pronunciation
  • helps you assimilate Portuguese grammar
  • gives you pleasurable moments of compelling reading

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