Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Portuguesepedia for?

Portuguesepedia is a language-learning platform dedicated to anyone learning Euroepan Portuguese. It offers a variety of learning and practice materials such as courses, audiobooks, video lessons, listening drills, and articles. It suits beginners and more advanced learners looking to perfect their language skills.

Is Portuguesepedia in European or Brazilian Portuguese?

Portuguesepedia follows the European standard (Portuguese as spoken in Portugal) and is best suited for people learning European Portuguese. If you are struggling with deciding between learning European and Brazilian Portuguese, you might find this read helpful.

What is the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese?

While these dialects of Portuguese are mutually intelligible among native speakers on either side, there are differences between the two. The most prominent differences are in pronunciation. Read this article to learn more.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Portuguese to get started?

No. All you need is your will and continuous practice. If you are looking for sound advice on how to learn a new language, I recommend you read this article.

How much time does it take to learn Portuguese with your platform?

There’s no simple answer to this question. It depends on several factors such as your goals, commitment to learning, practice consistency, prior knowledge, etc. If you want a more elaborate answer, read this article.

Is Portuguesepedia mobile-friendly?

Yes, Portuguesepedia is 100% mobile-friendly.

What types of learning materials does Portuguespedia offer?

Portuguesepedia offers a variety of learning and practice materials such as online courses, short stories, video lessons, listening drills, and articles.

Does Portuguesepedia allow me to learn at my own pace?

That’s the whole idea of Portuguesepedia. You can access its learning and practice materials at your will and from anywhere (as long as you have a stable connection to the internet).

Does Portuguesepedia offer live instruction or opportunities to practice speaking?

Yes. I run intensive practice programs from time to time. You can find more information here.

Is Portuguesepedia for free?

Portuguesepedia is a membership-based platform. You need to subscribe and become a member to access all content.

Does Portuguesepedia offer a free trial?

Yes, Portuguesepedia offers a 5-day free trial. You won’t be charged if you cancel the subscription before the trial expires.

What subscription plans does Portuguesepedia offer? 

There are two subscription plans: monthly and annual. Either give access to all content on the platform (the difference is only in the billing cycle).

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

What payment methods does Portuguesepedia accept?

Payment methods available will vary according to the subscriber’s country. Most subscribers can pay with their Credit Card, PayPal, or Google/Apple wallet.

Does Portuguesepedia offer any discounts?

No. Portuguesepedia charges one flat fee either monthly or annually. That’s all.

Does Portuguese offer any resources for learning Portuguese culture?

Poruguesepedia has no courses focusing on Portuguese culture. That being said, many of the practice materials on the platform relate to Portuguese culture.