Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Entre a Felicidade e a Tristeza - by Portuguesepedia

Daniela is s nurse and she enjoys her job at the hospital. One day a new patient, António, comes in. He had been there before and they are happy to see each other again, but António looks very weak and Daniela starts worrying…

✪ Suitable for beginners (A1-A2) | European Standard

Let this story lift your Portuguese to another level.

  • 3.800 words long
  • Voice-over
  • English translation
  • Idiomatic highlights
  • Comprehension quizzes
  • Easy navigation
  • Access across all devices
  • pdf and epub files

  • Improves your reading and listening comprehension
  • Expands your vocabulary and idiomatic feel for Portuguese
  • Allows you to work on your pronunciation
  • Helps you assimilate Portuguese grammar
  • Gives you pleasurable moments of compelling reading

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