Engaging Audiobooks Crafted with the Language Learner in Mind

Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Uma Segunda Oportunidade - by Portuguesepedia
André is bitterly disappointed with his life. One day he is given the opportunity to time-travel. He starts tweaking his past hoping to change the things he regrets and somehow relieve his frustration. Will it work though?
Learn moreUma Segunda Oportunidade
Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Conversa Fiada - by Portuguesepedia
Conversa Fiada is a series of small-talk chatbooks stuffed with colloquial Portuguese. In this first number, idioms making reference to body parts (like "in the blink of an eye" or "a big mouth") take center stage and name each of its 16 chats.
Learn moreConversa Fiada
Easy Reads for Portuguese Lanugage Learners - Entre a Felicidade e a Tristeza - by Portuguesepedia
Daniela is s nurse and she enjoys her job at the hospital. One day a new patient, António, comes in. He had been there before and they are happy to see each other again, but António looks very weak and Daniela starts worrying…
Learn moreEntre a Felicidade e a Tristeza
Portuguese short story for beginners - de maos dadas - Portuguesepedia
The alarm clock goes off but Tiago stays in bed. Despite being late for work, he still has to take his daughter Rita to kindergarten. In spite of all the hurry, however, Rita doesn't make her father's life any easier…
Learn moreDe Mãos Dadas
Easy Reads for Portuguese Language Learners - Zen Stories - by Portuguesepedia
A compilation of 50 traditional Zen parables adapted for language learners of Portuguese. You will learn and enjoy Buddhist wisdom while improving your Portuguese language skills.
Learn moreContos Zen

Written for Portuguese Language Learners

Learning Portuguese doesn't need to be a chore. Not only will stories bring fulfillment to your practice but they will also lead to more productive, idiomatically rich language learning.

Now, you may not find it very enticing to jump straight into José Saramago or Fernando Pessoa. Instead, you want to get hold of reads suitable for language learners that match your current level of language proficiency. And guess what!? All our stories are CEFR-graded. 

For instance, as a beginner, stories catering to the A1-A2 levels will suit you well. Typically, these reads are divided into small chapters and written in very plain Portuguese. 

If you find yourself in the low-intermediate tier, on the other hand, you may want to raise the game a notch or two toward the A2-B1 level range, and so on.

Here’s the bottom line. The reads you pick should be challenging enough to help you grow your language skills, but not overwhelmingly difficult to the point that all joy in reading is stripped away and you give up.

All in all, a good read (from a language-learning perspective) is a balancing act between being ambitious (level-wise) and pleasurable. 

The Power of Stories in a Nutshell

  • Enticing stories keep you motivated and asking for more. Ultimately, this translates into more exposure to your target language.
  • Stories not only improve your reading comprehension but also your idiomatic feel for Portuguese, which will make you sound more natural when speaking.
  • Equipped with audio/voiceovers, these reads are an invaluable tool to improve your listening skills and pronunciation.
  • Stories develop your intuition for Portuguese grammar. Put another way, you learn grammar organically without studying it.
  • Stories increase your vocabulary effectively. It is well-established that word retention rates are higher when we learn new words in context.