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Essential Portuguese Vocabulary for the Human Body

Building a foundation in basic Portuguese vocabulary is key to navigating everyday situations. This word list focuses on essential terms related to the human body. Here we go.

Head: Cabeça

  • Hair: Cabelo
  • Face: Face
  • Forehead: Testa
  • Eyes: Olhos
  • Eye brows: Sobrancelhas
  • Eyelashes: Pestanas
  • Nose: Nariz
  • Mouth: Boca
  • Lips: Lábios
  • Teeth: Dentes
  • Tongue: Língua
  • Chin: Queixo
  • Ears: Orelhas
  • Neck: Pescoço

Torso: Tronco

  • Shoulders: Ombros
  • Chest: Peito
  • Back: Costas
  • Belly: Barriga
  • Waist: cinta
  • Navel: Umbigo
  • Arm: Braço
  • Elbow: Cotovelo
  • Wrist: Pulso
  • Hand: Mão
  • Fingers: Dedos
  • Fingernails: Unhas

Lower limbs: Membros inferiores

  • Hip: Anca
  • Butt: Rabo
  • Genitals: Genitais
  • Leg: Perna
  • Knee: Joelho
  • Ankle: Tornozelo
  • Foot:
  • Toes: Dedos do pé

Organs: Órgãos

  • Skin: Pele
  • Brain: Cérebro
  • Heart: Coração
  • Lungs: Pulmões
  • Liver: Fígado
  • Stomach: Estômago
  • Intestine: Intestino
  • Blood: Sangue

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