Improve your Idiomatic Feel for Portuguese.

Join me on an explorative journey into Portuguese verb pearls. Here’s what all these verbs have in common:

  • High frequency: we say them all the time.
  • Broad usage: they are used in several ways and mean different things depending on the context. Some of them really are idiomatic jewels.

Gems 1 is suitable for upper beginners (A2) or anyone transitioning from A1 to A2 level. The course will help you improve your idiomatic feel for Portuguese and your ability to express yourself. For the same reason, it will improve your listening comprehension skills.

Course outline


  • Overview


  • Ser vs. Estar
  • Ter
  • Haver
  • Andar vs. Ir
  • Costumar
  • Fazer


  • Exercises

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