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There are plenty of interesting options for our accommodation. It will most likely be a countryside house near Tavira.

I haven't booked it yet because I want to get a better idea of the group's composition (how many couples/singles) and your preferences before I do so. That will for instance help me understand how big a house we might need.

I look forward to soon talking to you about this and much more. Até breve, p

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60+ Brazilian Portuguese Basic Phrases for Travelers and Beginners

If you’re just getting started with learning Brazilian Portuguese or if you are planning a trip to Brazil, then these Brazilian Portuguese basic phrases that will come in handy. 

From simple greetings to introducing yourself to ordering food at the restaurant, you’ll be able to readily locate the exact phrase you need, when you need it.

Let’s dive right into it.

Tips! Learning European Portuguese? Here’s the equivalent read: 35 Basic Portuguese Phrases for Beginners.


Whether you run into someone you’ve met before or meet a new person, these basic greetings will help you spark a conversation. 

2Bom diaGood morning
3Boa tardeGood afternoon
4Boa noiteGood evening/night
5Tudo bem?How are you?
6Meu nome é …My name is …
8Qual é seu nome?What’s your name?
9Sou de …I’m from …
10De onde você é?Where are you from?
11Muito prazerNice to meet you
12Até breveSee you soon
13Até maisSee you again


Good manners are always charming and worth cultivating. While traveling in Brazil, these expressions will help prevent any cultural misunderstandings and create a good rapport with the locals.

14Por favor
Um café por favor.
One coffee, please.
Por favor, onde fica o banheiro?
Excuse me
Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?
Desculpe! Foi sem querer.
I’m sorry! It was not on purpose.
17Obrigado/a (m/f)*Thank you
18De nadaYou’re welcome

* Women say obrigada, men say obrigado.

Getting Around 

If you are, say, in S. Paulo, and you want to know where to go and how to get there, the following expressions will be helpful. See, locals know best what are the most exciting things to do, see and eat – just ask them! 

19Quais são as atrações aqui?What do you recommend to see here?
20Onde posso encontrar …?Where can I find …? 
21Como chego ao …?How do I get to …? 
22Onde fica a praia?Which way is the beach? 
23Pode me mostrar no mapa?
Can you show me where it is on the map? 
24Qual linha/número de ônibus preciso pegar?
Which bus line/number do I need to take? 
25Que horas o ônibus sai?
What time does the bus leave?
26Quanto custa uma passagem de ida/ida e volta?
How much does a one-way/round trip ticket cost? 
27Tem restaurante bom por aqui?Is there a good restaurant nearby? 


Being at the restaurant, coffee shop or any other place where you can order something to eat or drink is always an excellent opportunity to interact in your target language. 

Next time you have that kind of opportunity, try out the following lines. 

28Posso ver um cardápio?Can I see a menu? 
29Tem alguns pratos típicos da região? Are there any typical local dishes? 
30Gostaria de pedir por favor.I’d like to order please. 
31O que você recomenda?What do you recommend?
32Isto é para uma pessoa/duas pessoas?Is this for one person/two people? 
33Onde fica o banheiro?Where is the bathroom? 
34Gostaria de pagar.Could I get the check? 
35Gostaria de um suco de …I would l … juice.
36Gostaria de uma vitamina de …I would like a fruit smoothie of … 
37Sem açúcar, por favor.No sugar please. 
38Só um pouquinho de açúcar, por favor.Just a little bit of sugar please.
allergies & special diets
39Sou vegetariana. I’m a vegetarian. 
40Sou vegana. I’m a vegan. 
41Tenho intolerância à lactose.I’m lactose-intolerant. 
42Sou alérgica ao glúten. I’m allergic to gluten. 
43Tenho alergia a …I’m allergic to … 



You may want to buy a few gifts for your friends and family before you head back home. Here are a few helpful phrases for you. 

44Gostei disso.I like this. 
45Isto é lindo/chic.This is beautiful/stylish. 
46Desculpe, quanto custa isso?Excuse me, how much does this cost? 
47Tem em outro tamanho/cor?Do you have this in a different size/color? 
48Tem algumas promoções? Do you have any sales? 
49Pode fazer um desconto?Can you give me a discount? 
50Que horas vocês abrem/fecham?What time do you open/close? 

Comprehension aid

The following lines will help you assert that you are not a pro in Portuguese just yet 🙂 and ask people to either repeat, talk more slowly, or even speak in English.

51Fala inglês? Do you speak English?
52Alguém aqui fala inglês?Does anyone here speak English?
53Não entendi I didn’t understand
54EntendiI understood/I understand
55Pode falar mais devagar, por favor?Can you speak more slowly, please? 
56Pode repetir por favor?Can you repeat that, please? 
57Como se diz… em Português? How do you say … in Portuguese?
58Estou aprendendo português.I am learning Portuguese. 

In case of an emergency

Hopefully, you won’t need to use the following phrases. But just in case…

60Pode me ajudar?Can you help me? 
61Fui roubado/a.I’ve been robbed. 
62Onde fica a polícia?Where is the police station? 
63Preciso de uma ambulância.I need an ambulance. 
64Onde fica o hospital mais próximo?Where is the nearest hospital?

! If you’re wondering what are the differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese, I recommend you read this one: European vs. Brazilian Portuguese – How Different Are They Really?

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