There are plenty of interesting options for our accommodation. It will most likely be a countryside house near Tavira.

I haven't booked it yet because I want to get a better idea of the group's composition (how many couples/singles) and your preferences before I do so. That will for instance help me understand how big a house we might need.

I look forward to soon talking to you about this and much more. Até breve, p

✨ Welcome to a week-long deep dive into the Portuguese language, landscape and culture.
Pedro C-Portuguesepedia - Stay Connected

Olá! Pedro here. I’m the founder of Portuguesepedia and I will also be the host and facilitator for your next trip to Portugal.

What are immersive trips?

These trips are designed to boost your Portuguese speaking skills in a short period of time.

Here’s the deal. During one week, a small group of 6–8 participants share a self-catering accommodation and commit to speaking in Portuguese. 

There are countless activities to do and places to explore. However, to radically increase immersion, nothing is predefined at the outset. Following a participatory approach, the group as a whole negotiates and decides (in Portuguese) what to do and when.

Examples of activities at home → fun practicing environment, cooking meals, listening to podcasts, hanging out, chatting, etc.

Examples of outdoor activities → hikes in nature, exploring local villages as well as the region’s gastronomy, arts & crafts, etc. (It really depends on the region.)

The whole experience is supposed to be easygoing and infused with kindness and simplicity.

Who is it for?

These trips are for intermediate and advanced learners of Portuguese (A2+ and above) focused on crossing the fluency threshold or consolidating their already high proficiency level.

Variability in the group regarding language skills is not only expected but also desirable. However, to ensure a bare minimum, all applicants go through a brief screening before their application gets accepted.

Fall ’22 » Tavira » 7-13 Oct

€600 • Limited to 8 participants

  • Pedro’s coaching and coordination
  • 6 nights in self-catering accommodation
  • car/minivan to get around (gas excl.)
  • transfer from/to Faro airport or Tavira city

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