Placement Test A1/A2

Read this before you start

This placement test will help you decide whether to apply for the A1 or A2 beginners course.

Keep in mind that the A1 level is the first milestone along your learning journey. At the outset, you are not at the A1 level yet but striving toward it (and it will take some time and effort to attain it).

! If you are an absolute beginner, you may find the A1 course too challenging. In that case, consider enrolling in the Absolute Beginners A0 course instead (if available).

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Language proficiency levels according to CEFR Scale. Learn more about CEFR

Consider taking this test on a laptop/desktop so that you can comfortably type in your answers (when typing is requested). Also, make sure to turn on the sound.

You don’t need to bother with typing in the circumflex and tilde accent marks (^ ~) nor the cedilla (ç). However, you need to type the acute and grave accent marks (´`) when required. This test is not case-sensitive – it doesn’t matter if you don’t capitalize letters even when you are supposed to.

You’ll be tested for listening and reading comprehension skills as well as acquaintance with Portuguese grammar. There will be 3 types of questions:

  • Drag and drop
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Multiple choice

Having a pen and a piece of paper by your side is always a good idea to take notes, especially for questions assessing listening comprehension skills. Concerning multiple choice, it is good practice to glance at all the possible answers before reading or listening to the actual audio/text.

There are 27 questions in total and you have 60 minutes to answer them. That leaves you with a little over 2 minutes per question on average to complete the test.

Note that the questions are not sequenced in order of their level of difficulty. Thus, don’t get caught up too long in any question – skip to the next one if it feels far beyond your current skills. The most important is to make it to the end.

You can always go back if you have time left (you’ll see a navigation table at the top tat makes it easy for you to go back to any unanswered questions).

Here’s what your final score might be telling you.


The A1 course might be too challenging. Consider enrolling in Clean Slate A0 (if available).


The A1 course is most likely adequate for you.


You could apply for either A1 or A2. If you like challenges, go for A2.


The A2 course is most likely adequate for you.


You could apply for either A2 or B1. If you like challenges, go for B1 (if available). Consider taking the A2/B1 placement test for further evaluation.

You shouldn’t use external help of any kind to assist with your answers (textbooks, phone apps, etc.) It is after all in your best interest that you get a measure of your current language proficiency that is as accurate as possible.