Short Reads for Language Learners of Portuguese
Uma Segunda Chance - Short Stories for Portuguese Language Learners - Portuguesepedia

André is bitterly disappointed with his life. One day he is given the opportunity to time-travel. He starts tweaking his past hoping to change the things he regrets and somehow relieve his frustration. Will it work though?

✪ Suitable for the upper-beginner and lower-intermediate levels (A2-B1) | Brazilian Standard

Let this story lift your Portuguese to another level.

  • 14 chapters specially written for language learners
  • English translation
  • idiomatic highlights
  • quizzes
  • easy navigation
  • access across all platforms
  • lifetime access
  • improves your reading and listening comprehension
  • expands your vocabulary and idiomatic feel for Portuguese
  • helps you assimilate Portuguese grammar
  • gives you pleasurable moments of compelling reading
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♥ This short-story will grow your idiomatic feel for Portuguese