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Top Portuguese Online Courses for Beginners (One-Off Fee)

With over 260 million speakers globally, Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Portugal or any other Portuguese-speaking country – or you’re simply interested in learning a new language – plenty of online courses are available to help you achieve your language learning goals. 

In this post, I will specifically highlight 3 European Portuguese online courses for beginners that are well worth your money (one-off fee).

All-round Beginners

All-round Beginners A1 is a well-structured modular course designed to prevent you from ever feeling at a loss during that critical early stage of your learning journey.

With this online course, you’ll lay a solid foundation at the A1 level* on which you can build toward a more advanced level. You can either buy each module separately or opt for the discount bundle. 

Learn more about All-round Beginners A1.

*A1 is one of 6 levels of language proficiency according to CEFR’s scale. Learn more about CEFR levels.

Portuguese Sounds

Portuguese Sounds is an in-depth course in European Portuguese pronunciation. 

The course is suitable for anyone – beginners and more advanced learners –  acknowledging how vital pronunciation is for language learning. It will beyond doubt help you improve your pronunciation and overcome insecurity when speaking.

Learn more about Portuguese Sounds.

Mia Esmeriz Academy

Mia Esmeriz Academy provides you with several courses suitable for different levels – from absolute beginner to upper-intermediate. You can either buy them separately or in bundles. These are comprehensive and well-rounded courses.

Learn more about Mia Esmeriz Academy.

In this post, I’ve listed 3 online courses in European Portuguese for beginners that are well worth your money. To learn more about other learning resources and tools for Portuguese language learners, read this one: Learn Portuguese Online – Best Resources for Beginners and Beyond.

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