Cancellation Policy

The following applies after that you’ve registered and paid for the intensive course. 

  • Cancellations up to 5 weeks before the starting date lead to a 90% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations up to 3 weeks before the starting date lead to a 60% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations up to 1 week before the starting date lead to a 30% reimbursement.
  • Cancellations made within 6 or fewer days before the starting date lead to no reimbursement.

There are plenty of interesting options for our accommodation. It will most likely be a countryside house near Tavira.

I haven't booked it yet because I want to get a better idea of the group's composition (how many couples/singles) and your preferences before I do so. That will for instance help me understand how big a house we might need.

I look forward to soon talking to you about this and much more. Até breve, p

Get right on track toward fluency

Intensive Portuguese courses for those of you living in Tavira (Algarve region) or staying there for a longer period.

» 3 weeks duration
» Mon–Fri 8:30 am–12:30
» Tavira (city center)
» Pedagogic materials included


Fall ’22

  • Oct 17 – Nov 4 » Beginners (A1/A2) ! Sold out
  • Nov 7 – Nov 25 » Intermediate (A2+/B1) ! Sold out

Spring ’23 (preliminary dates)

  • Feb 20 – Mar 10 » Beginners (A1/A2) ! Few places left
  • Mar 13 – Mar 31 » Lower-intermediate (A2+/B1)
  • Apr 10 – Apr 28 » Upper -intermediate (B1+/B2)

Get in touch with me in case you are not sure about which of the courses listed above is suitable for you.

A great course! Pedro created a friendly, allowing atmosphere in the class. No question was too silly. Every day, everyone was invited to speak at their own pace. Ordinary life language and topics, many dialogues, and a bit of relevant essential grammar. I feel that after the course, Portuguese is no longer an impermeable flow of strange sounds. And we had a lot of fun too. The Google Classroom with its countless suggestions for language learning tools helps us to continue to get Portuguese into our brains and hearts. And to use it in our daily life.

/intermediate class

After living in Tavira for more than 4 years, I felt that it was about time to learn to speak Portuguese. When I saw that there would be an intensive course in Tavira, I signed up immediately. Portuguese is not an easy language and I needed to get help to understand how the language is structured.
It takes time to be able to speak Portuguese, but it is important to try to speak it even if you make mistakes. After the course, we decided (the participants) to meet once a week to maintain and improve our Portuguese.
We have already received the tools from Pedro and now we can continue to work at it!

/beginners’ class

Everybody says Portuguese is a difficult language to learn. I’d agree. Before this course, I had already read Portuguese for four terms (10 weekly lessons throughout each term) without ever feeling any breakthrough when it comes to speaking. However, the intense course with lessons every day unlocked the language barrier for me. It made me begin to speak more freely and better understand the natively spoken Portuguese you hear on the streets. Now I will continue on my own with the rich study material added to our virtual classroom.

/intermediate class

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Hej! Jag (Pedro) har undervisat i portugisiska för svensktalande elever i många år. Om det är viktigt (och avgörande) för dig att undervisningen ska ske på svenska sätt ett kryss här nere (gäller bara nybörjarkurser).

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