There are plenty of interesting options for our accommodation. It will most likely be a countryside house near Tavira.

I haven't booked it yet because I want to get a better idea of the group's composition (how many couples/singles) and your preferences before I do so. That will for instance help me understand how big a house we might need.

I look forward to soon talking to you about this and much more. Até breve, p

Speak Portuguese with Freedom

Take your speaking skills to the next level.

Coaching that actually works.

You’ve probably noticed that your knowledge of Portuguese is greater than your ability to speak it.

You may already be acquainted with thousands of Portuguese words and grammar rules and yet, when it comes down to speaking, words won’t flow out of your mouth as you wish.

There’s this gap between your knowledge, and what you can do with it! Conversational Flow helps you close this gap and bring your speaking skills up to speed.

In each session, we focus on keeping the conversation up. The sessions are:

  • 30 minutes long
  • topical (each session revolves around a topic)
  • flexible (you decide when and how often you book the sessions)
  • adequate for the intermediate level and above

All-around guidance. Besides improving your speaking flow, you’ll be working on your pronunciation, vocab, and idiomatic feel for Portuguese. We tackle grammar-related questions as they pop up.

Hear from our students

Pedro does a great job in facilitating our conversations and keeping them going. I’ve made considerable progress over the last couple of months thanks to him and his coaching. Speaking in Portuguese feels more natural now than it did before. Highly recommended.

Tobias Fischer


These coaching sessions with Pedro are as interesting and enjoyable as they are productive. Every time we meet I learn new Portuguese idioms and other language subtleties that help me express myself better and sound more natural. Excellent investment overall.

Gudrun Sorensen


10-pack sessions


20-pack sessions


This investment will increase your ability to engage in meaningful conversations in Portuguese

Money-back guarantee. Get your money back if after our first session you’re not satisfied.

If you’re not satisfied, I am not satisfied.