Short Reads for Language Learners of Portuguese
Conversa Fiada (Plain version) - StoryLift - Portuguesepedia

Conversa Fiada is a series of small-talk chatbooks stuffed with colloquial Portuguese. In this first number, idioms making reference to body parts (like “in the blink of an eye” or “a big mouth“) take the main stage and name each of its 16 chats.

✪ Suitable for the intermediate-level (B1-B2) | European Standard

Let these colloquial chats lift your idiomatic feel for Portuguese to another level.

  • 16 chats loaded with colloquial Portuguese
  • English translation
  • idiomatic highlights
  • quizzes
  • easy navigation
  • access across all platforms
  • lifetime access
  • improves your reading and listening comprehension
  • expands your vocabulary and idiomatic feel for Portuguese
  • helps you assimilate Portuguese grammar
  • gives you pleasurable moments of compelling reading
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♥ This small-talk book will grow your idiomatic feel for Portuguese