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Portuguese verbs made easy

Portuguese Reflexive Verbs

Portuguese Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns

Reflexive verbs are abundant in Portuguese and many of them are frequently used in everyday life.  It is very easy for language learners – especially those without any previous acquaintance with Romance languages – to leave out the reflexive pronoun…

The Portuguese Verb Ficar – Conjugation and Usage

The Portuguese Verb Ficar – Conjugation and Usage

Ficar is a high-frequency, versatile verb. Learning to use it to its full potential will surely add to your language fluency.  Depending on the context, the Portuguese verb ficar may correspond to stay, get, or become. Additionally, ficar is often…

Verb 'Haver' in Portuguese

Verb ‘Haver’ in Portuguese

If you’ve been learning Portuguese for a while, you’ve probably noticed that little word “há” – it literally pops up everywhere, doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, há is a verb form of the frequently used verb haver. The…

Portuguese Modal Verbs

Portuguese Modal Verbs

Modal verbs are auxiliary verbs that allow us to express things like necessity, possibility, certainty, doubt, and ability. We use them all the time. You’d agree that the sentences you must study more and you should study more have distinct…

Portuguese Verb "Dar": An Idiomatic Gem

Portuguese Verb “Dar”: An Idiomatic Gem

If you ask me what are the most frequently used Portuguese verbs, I’d certainly include dar on that list – this verb is an idiomatic gem. Dar means give in English. However, given the great number of set phrases and…